Do Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight? 5 Most Important Advantages

Do Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight?

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Yes, Wild rabbits have good Eyesight which protects them from predators but it is not as good as other animals. Rabbits have very amazing 360-degree vision which is wider than humans. Wild rabbits are farsighted which means they can see very far objects clearly but in front of their noses they have blind spots. However, they can’t see clearly in close but they can see their enemy from a long distance.

Anatomy of a Rabbit’s Eye

Rabbits’ eyes are complex organs that help them to see the world around them. The main parts of wild rabbit eyes are the optic nerve, retina, pupil, iris, and cornea. The eyes of rabbits are totally like humans but they have some differences. Rabbits have poorer color vision and they can see in low-light conditions.

Rabbits have good eyesight which helps them to see predators from a long distance. As prey animals their ability to see 360 degrees is best for them. They can see in low light-condition which helps them in finding food.

How Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight

Wild rabbits have dark eyes which are large and located on the sides of their heads. Their eyes give them a wide range of vision. Rabbits can see colors but they are red and green color blind. Rabbits’ vision is not as good as humans but they can see in low light, so this is an advantage for them when finding food. Rabbits can easily see from every angle except in front of the nose. Rabbits can easily recognize patterns and objects best in front of them.

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Physical Characteristics of Wild Rabbits:

Wild rabbits are small beautiful animals that are covered with soft hairs. The color of rabbits’ hair is brown, gray, or white. To hear very well and stay cool, nature blessed them with long ears. They are small animals so for their protection nature gave them good eyes.

For running from enemies and for high jumping their back legs are very strong. For digging holes rabbits use their front legs which are very sharp and help them in digging big holes. Rabbits have big teeth that keep growing, so rabbits nibble their teeth to stop extra growth. These features protect wild rabbits from dangerous animals that want to catch or eat them.

Do Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight? 5 Most Important Advantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of rabbit eyesight:

Here are the main advantages and Disadvantages of Rabbit eyesight:


Here are the most important advantages of Rabbit eyesight:

Wide field of view:

Rabbit eyes are located on the side of its head which gives them a wide field view of 360-degree. With the help of this rabbits can see dangerous animals in all directions.


Rabbits are farsighted, which means rabbits can see objects from long range. This also helps rabbits to see predators from long range.

Good night vision:

Rabbits can see in low light conditions which means they have good night vision. Good night vision helps the rabbits to see predators at night and stay away from them.

Fast reflex:

Rabbits have very good and fast reflexes which are due to their amazing eyes. These fast reflexes help them in protection from predators and hunters. Their amazing eyesight helps them to see from a distance and do fast reflexes against enemies.


Rabbits are small animals; they are faster and more agile. They can easily beat some predators in race but they are not as fast as cheetahs, lions, or horseflies. This is because of their eyesight which helps them to see enemies from a distance and run very fast.


Rabbits’ eyesight has many advantages but they also have too many disadvantages which are given below.

Depth perception

It is very difficult for rabbits to judge the distances clearly because of their poor perception. This is a disadvantage for rabbits when they are running or jumping.


In close rabbits cannot see objects clearly because they are Nearsightedness. This is a disadvantage when rabbits are eating or grooming themselves.

Color blindness:

Rabbits can’t see all colors that humans can see which means rabbits are color blind. Rabbits are blind in some colors. This disadvantage is that rabbits can find it difficult to distinguish between different objects.

Prone to eye diseases:

Rabbits have many eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. If these diseases cannot be treated then they cause blindness in rabbits.

Susceptible to eye injuries:

In comparison to other animals, rabbits have large eyes located on the sides of their heads. Large eyes have many disadvantages like attack from predators or passing from sharp trees.

Do Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight? 5 Most Important Advantages


Wild rabbits have amazing eyesight, but it is not as good as some other animals. Wild rabbits field of amazing vision of 360-degree and are farsighted which is beneficial for a prey animal, but they also have many disadvantages like color blindness, and blind spots directly in front of the nose. I hope this comprehensive guide about Do Wild Rabbits Have Good Eyesight? will be helpful for you.

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Yes, rabbits can see in colors but their color vision is not as good as animals. They only can distinguish between two colors: blue and green.

Rabbits can see objects from 300 meters away. However, rabbits’ vision is not as sharp as humans.

There are two blind spot in rabbit eyes. One is in front of nose and other is in behind of head.

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