What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? 10 Different Types of Sounds

What Sound Does a Rabbit Make?

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Rabbits are really quiet pets. They do not make loud noises like dogs barking or cats meowing when they are upset. Instead, they mostly talk to each other with their bodies. But they can also make some gentle sounds that tell us how they feel.

The usual rabbit sounds are humming, thumping, teeth grinding, and growling. Except for thumping, these sounds are quiet and not easy to hear. In this article we discuss what sound a rabbit makes and how rabbits communicate with humans.

What Sound Does a Rabbit Make In Words?

Most frequently, when a rabbit is in discomfort, it will squeak or murmur to itself. Similar to how people snore, they occasionally cluck or chug while they are asleep. If they are close enough, people might hear them excavating or scurrying through the underbrush. 

Last but not least, if rabbits enter the house, neighbors may hear mild bounding noises or clicking as their nails scratch the wood.

What Sound Does a Rabbit Make 10 different types of sounds

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What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? 10 Sounds Explained

There are 10 different types of sound that a rabbit makes.

  • Grunting: This is a typical sound that rabbits make. They grunt when they are happy and eager to play. When someone gets home, when they are playing with other rabbits, or when they are ready to mate, they may grunt.  When they are prepared to mate, unfixed male rabbits may grunt. Usually, this noise is accompanied by additional signals like circling and marking their territory.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make?  Clucking: When a rabbit clucks, which is often referred to as honking, it usually means that it is quite happy. When consuming a meal they really appreciate, snuggling with their habitat mates, or relaxing on the lap of a human family member, rabbits emit a soft clucking sound. Rabbits have been known to cluck while enjoying a good dream.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Tooth Purring: Similar to the calming sound cats emit, rabbits purr. Although it is not exactly the same as a cat’s purr, it conveys the same joyful message. A rabbit produces a sound by gently rubbing its teeth together when they are content and joyful. This sound may be audible when your rabbit is relaxed or when you pet them. Unless you are really close to your rabbit, it can be difficult to hear them, but you can feel their head vibrate when you pet them. As they joyfully grind their teeth, you might also catch a glimpse of their whiskers moving slightly.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Growling: Rabbits have been known to growl when angry. Instead of sounding like a dog growl, their growl sounds more like a purring sound. This pleasant sound, nevertheless, shouldn’t be associated with happiness. A grumbling rabbit is communicating with others that they are not happy with their current circumstances. This might take place if a human family member tries to bring a rabbit inside after they have been outside, or if a rabbit intrudes on another rabbit’s personal space when they are at home.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Whimpering: While some people whimper when angry, bunnies typically do it when they are terrified. A rabbit may whimper if it is scared by a moving object, when someone they don’t know tries to pick them up, or when they are being held in place. The whimper is audible and unique, and it cannot be confused with any other noise a bunny might produce.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Feet Stomping: Due to several reasons, rabbits will stamp their feet. While it may be one, anger is actually relatively infrequent. Generally, rabbits “thump” or stomp their feet to alert other rabbits of impending danger or when they feel threatened. Another possible factor is mating. Rabbits thump to demonstrate their stomping prowess in an effort to attract a mate. Nevertheless, not every rabbit stomps its feet; it all depends on the individual rabbit.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Humming: Rabbits hum when they are content with their current situation, just like we people might while relaxing in the garden.  While running around the house and playing with numerous toys, bunnies may sporadically hum. If you’re not listening closely enough, the humming can be difficult to detect.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Squealing: It is rare to hear a rabbit squeal; in fact, many pet owners never do during the course of their lifetime. A rabbit will make this sound when they are extremely upset or hurt; it sounds more like a scream than anything else.  When they desire to flee, they might be restrained, they might be scared when a predator is around, or they might have gravely injured themselves. Every time a rabbit squeals, it is crucial to take action to determine the precise cause.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Sneezing: A rabbit may sneeze due to several reasons. When a bit of grass or pollen gets lodged in their nasal canal, they may sneeze. Sneezing may also be brought on by food particles blocking the airway. When a rabbit has a respiratory infection, they could sneeze frequently until they feel better. Unmistakable dry cough-like sneeze sounds are produced during sneezing.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Thumping: Rabbits are capable of producing loud noises that are not characteristic of them. It is known as a “thump.” Their powerful back legs strike the earth, creating this sound. It’s just as loud as when a large book falls to the ground. When they are frightened or believe there may be danger, rabbits thud. When they are unhappy with us, they will occasionally thud. They naturally thumps to alert other rabbits in their group to danger when it is present.
  • What Sound Does a Rabbit Make? Sleep Talking: Another sound that rabbits make during their sleep is a soft mumbling sound. Rabbits may begin to twitch and murmur when they are sleeping when they are deeply asleep. Even though you can see their mouth and nose start to move as if they are feeding while they are sleeping, they typically don’t make any sound. However, occasionally they do create a muttering noise that I can only describe to human sleep talking.
What Sound Does a Rabbit Make


Understanding these rabbit sounds and their meanings can help you interact with your furry friend more effectively and meet all of their requirements. 

Every time your rabbit makes one of these noises, make it a point to think about the situation so that you will understand what it signifies and what you should do. But above all, enjoy getting to know your pet rabbit better! Which rabbit noises do you prefer.

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Different sounds make a rabbit when they are upset. They do not make a loud noise loudly like dogs, cats etc. They are quiet pets.

Yes, rabbits make noise when they are sleeping, it is known as soft mumbling.

Yes, rabbits make a sound when they are angry. Bunnies also make sounds when they are angry or whimper because of fear from other animals.

Due to several reasons, rabbits will stamp their feet. While it may be one, anger is actually relatively infrequent.

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