How High Can Rabbits Jump? Best Facts You Need to Know 2023

How High Can Rabbits Jump

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How high can rabbits jump is a question we are frequently asked. Should I stop routinely bunny hopping? I’ve provided answers to a few key queries below. Your rabbit can jump very high, yes. These animals can leap more than three feet. 

Not all bunnies can jump very high, either. Comparatively speaking, wild rabbits are more capable than farmed ones. You can take a three-foot fence into consideration for the majority of rabbits.

How High Can Rabbits Jump? Rabbits Jumping

Rabbits enjoy jumping. It has to do with how they move and how they see the world. Unfortunately, this might cause pet owners to experience some anxiety. Watching rabbits leap from higher ground can be nerve-wracking since they are such delicate and flimsy creatures.

A rabbit can jump four feet vertically without harm. They have the height to leap. Beds, furniture, and hutches can all be jumped on and off by rabbits without any harm. It’s quite risky to leap out of human arms.

How High Can Rabbits Jump

Keep in mind that jumping from a height frequently will hurt a rabbit. Rabbits who are prone to crash landings will be more likely to develop arthritis as they age. Their bones and joints suffer with each leap. Many people asking about how high rabbits can jump? In this article we discuss about how high rabbits can jump. 

How High Can Wild Rabbits Jump:

Let’s discuss about rabbits in the wild. Can rabbits jump really high? bunnies kept as pets cannot jump as high as wild bunnies. They use some reflexes to defend themselves against predators when they remain in the wild.

They can leap about fifteen feet when in danger to protect themselves from coyotes, raccoons, and snakes.

How High Can Rabbits Jump in a Garden:

As was previously noted, rabbits are able to jump very high. However, most breeds are only able to jump a barrier that is two feet high. You can keep your pet rabbit safe inside with a fence that is three to four feet high.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Garden Fence:

Some rabbits have unexpected jumps that can startle you. When it comes to running or jumping, these animals are amazing. Some individuals dislike rabbits getting into their gardens.

A rabbit can eat the food and harm the plants. Rabbits, however, can be harmed by some plants. Therefore, if you live with a pet rabbit, please be cautious around any poisonous plants.

How High Can Rabbits Jump in Centimeters (cm):

What’s the highest a rabbit can jump? Unbelievably, rabbits can jump up to 90 centimeters off the ground! This is a remarkable accomplishment, particularly for a small animal like chickens. We will look at why rabbits prefer heights, if they enjoy climbing, and other intriguing information about these animals in this post.

How High Can Rabbits Jump Vertically:

Rabbits in the wild and in captivity jump very differently. Additionally, it differs between various domestic rabbit breeds. Read more to know more about how high rabbits can jump? 

In order to avoid predators like raccoon, coyotes, and snakes, wild rabbits can jump up to 15 feet in the air and across. The bunnies tap their feet and twirl around as they run and jump into the air. The rabbit may conduct a quick escape thanks to its ability to see in all directions after making such a high leap.

How High Can Baby Bunnies Jump:

Even though they can not jump as high as adults, newborn rabbits can nevertheless travel quite a distance!  Baby rabbits can jump up to 2 feet in their first three months.

You will need to exercise particular caution because young rabbits are notorious escape artists. Additionally, they have the ability to squeeze past bars and munch through plastic. 

Despite their vitality, baby bunnies are nevertheless exceedingly delicate. They might attempt to leap out of your arms and tumble. Such a leap could cause them serious harm. In light of this, you should lift a baby rabbit carefully to prevent wriggling. 

How High Can Cottontail Rabbits Jump:

The maximum height that cottontail rabbits can jump is roughly three feet. Given their diminutive stature, this is remarkable. They can quickly traverse a lot of ground and launch themselves into the air thanks to their strong hind legs.

They frequently use their capacity to jump to get away from danger when they are running from predators. Outside of the regular hunting season, cottontails will also jump to evade attacks. They can leap over obstacles because to their nimble physique.

Why Do Rabbits Jump?

Rabbits are renowned for having long jumps. However, why do they leap so far? Some people believe that rabbits use their high jumps to avoid predators. Some people believe that bunnies jump high to impress their partners.

How High Can Bunnies Jump

Rabbits jump for two key reasons in addition to heredity. Happiness comes first. All of us who keep rabbits have witnessed their insane tiny jumps. This jump is referred to as a “binky.” This describes a rabbit that twists and jumps in the air.

Can Rabbits Climb?

Every bunny is different. While some people don’t mind heights, others consider them unsafe. Rabbits have the same situation. Understanding how your rabbit feels about height is essential.

The typical rabbit prefers to dig over ascending. On the surface, they feel more vulnerable than they do below. But in the wild, this might not be a choice. This suggests that rabbits have the ability to scale great heights. 

Can I Teach My Rabbits to Jump Over Obstacles?

Did you know that rabbits may be trained to compete in show jumping events much like dogs or horses have? There are courses made specifically for rabbits, however they won’t be facing the 8-foot walls that a champion horse would. Similar to dog agility courses, these have obstacles including ramps, tunnels, and hurdles.

Your rabbit can make a good champion if they do not have any medical conditions that might prevent them from jumping and if you teach each hop slowly.

Can My Rabbit Safely Jump on Furniture?

We now know how high a rabbit can jump. What about furnishings, though? Your bunny would like climbing up the furniture. These critters enjoy investigating all the barriers, such as your bed, sofa, and other items. Most bunnies can comfortably leap onto the bed or Rabbits Hay.

However, if the height is greater, they could sustain injuries or even joint pain. You must therefore ensure that they are unable to play on high furniture.


One of the many astonishing adaptations that enable rabbits to thrive in the wild is their incredible jumping ability. However, you may easily utilize this same expertise for fun and mischief when you are at home, safe and secure.

Have you considered putting your pet rabbit through training? If yes, we advise you to look into the sport of competitive rabbit leaping, also known as “kaninhop” in Sweden. Your rabbit will be able to receive behavioral instruction while also maintaining its health and exercising. 


A rabbit can jumps 2 feet high from the ground level.

A wild rabbit can not jump high due to its small size.

Most rabbits can only jump over fences that are 2 feet tall. A jackrabbit can scale a 24-inch wall, but a 2-foot fence will keep your pet rabbit inside and a wild rabbit outside of your yard.

Rabbits can jump somewhat higher than the fence’s 1.5 block tall hit box, at a height of just under 2 blocks.

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