Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Top 5 Tips by Vets

Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

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Can rabbits eat tomatoes? According to Henson, giving a rabbit that is older than 12 weeks a small daily portion of seedless tomato, approximately the size of an acorn, is completely acceptable. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, sharing tomatoes with your rabbit is permissible, as long as it’s a modest quantity limited to the seedless flesh of the tomato.

Rabbits are primarily feed on plant material like as fresh vegetables, hay, grass and leaves. They are popular as pet in their cute physical appearance, gentle nature and the enjoyment they bring to the households.

Around the world, rabbits are adorable and gentle creatures that have captured by hearts of many pet lovers. As a responsible caretakers of rabbits, it is very important to provide them with a balanced and healthy diet.

Because rabbits primarily feed on a diet that is consist of fresh vegetables, hay, grass and pallets, it is common for pet owners to wonder if their furry friends can enjoy the occasional treat, such as tomatoes. The question arises that, can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Let’s discuss it in details and find out. If you are worried about the feeding rabbits on tomatoes, it is a smart concern to have, as tomatoes have a bit reputation. They are a member of nightshade family along with peppers, tobacco, eggplants and potatoes.

These plants contain chemical solanine, which can be toxic to some animals. Nightshades are also known for having inflammatory properties for human being.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Leaves?

It’s Common question rabbits lovers asked “Can rabbits eat Tomatoes Even though the flesh of a tomato isn’t poisonous, consuming large amounts of tomato leaves and seeds can be harmful. Hence, it’s crucial to meticulously eliminate any stems, leaves, and seeds before offering tomatoes to your rabbit.

Do Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, rabbits can eat tomatoes in moderation. However, tomato plants and leaves are toxic to rabbits, so only the ripe fruit should be given. Introduce tomatoes gradually and monitor your rabbit for any digestive issues.

Do rabbits Eat Tomatoes

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Plants?

Rabbits might not favor tomato plants because of their rough texture, but they do nibble on them. While rabbits can eat tomatoes, some may also munch on the plants. Wild rabbits often enjoy grazing on tomato leaves, plants, lettuce, and other leafy greens in gardens.

Tomatoes are Good to Your Rabbits In Small Quantities:

can rabbits eat tomatoes? Yes the good news is that in small quantities, tomatoes are good to feed your rabbits. Fruits are added a few times per week for the healthy rabbits and it will eat a mixture of hay, fresh vegetables and pallets. .

For your rabbit, tomatoes make a great occasional snack or treat.  They are a simple and quick treat that your rabbit will love, and they will provide your pet with a healthy dose of nutrients for better growth so its good for rabbits eat tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes are a great source of vitamin A and C, as well as other minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. You will need to watch their quantities also. 

Fruits are good food for your pet rabbits. While you consider tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable., it is all the same to your bunny. Tomatoes should not be an essential part of their diet but its very good to rabbits eat tomatoes. It is an optimal to rotate the type of fruit you offer to make sure that your bunny gets a various varieties of nutrients in each week. 

Tomatoes can be found in different dishes and cuisines and it is a popular vegetable. They are rich in Vitamin A, C, and K, as well as minerals like Potassium. However, despite their nutritional value for humans, can rabbits eat tomatoes, tomatoes should be given to rabbits with cautions. 

The main issue is that rabbits eat tomatoes that lies in their high acidity content. They contain a sufficient amount of citric acid, which can upset a rabbit’s sensitive digestive system.

Excessive use of acidic foods can lead to issue such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal upset and even potentially more severe conditions like as gastric acid. Additionally, tomatoes also contain a substance called as Solanine, which is toxic to rabbits when consumed in excessive quantities.

The highest level of Solanine is found in leaves and stem of the tomato plant. While the ripe fruits have less amount of Solanine, that is present in less quantity.

Rabbits Feeds on Tomatoes

It is very simple to feed your rabbits on fruits and vegetables. Most bunny lovers just offer their fluffy companion a few plant based bites from their own fridge. It saves times and is much more cost effective that way.

Can Rabbits eat tomatoes

Before you toss your bunny a chunk of tomato as you fix your own salad, however, there are a few important things to keep in mind so that can rabbit eat tomatoes.

most fruits and vegetables that you consume yourself are healthy elements of a bunny’s diet, you  will need to take a few precautions with tomatoes.

  • Wash your hand carefully.
  • Fruit, specially whole fruit is often covered in pesticides. These can be harmful or even toxic to your Pets.
  • If you are feeding your rabbits on your own garden, it is still wise to wash it carefully.
  • From tomatoes, remove the stem and leaves. You should feed your rabbit on stem and leaves from a tomato plant.
  • The concentration of toxic chemicals are high especially in these part of the tomato plant. So that they will likely make your rabbit sick. In fact wild bunnies tend to avoid tomatoes plant instinctively and only snacking on the fruit.

When you introducing tomatoes into a rabbit’s diet, it is crucial to do so gradually and in moderation. Start by giving a small slice of ripe tomato and observe how your rabbit react to it. Some rabbits may digest tomatoes well, while other may show the signs of digestive discomfort even with a small amount.

It is essential to see for any adverse reactions and stop feeding tomatoes if your rabbits exhibits any digestive problems. If your rabbit does enjoy tomatoes and show no discomfort effects, it is still good to stop or minimize their intake.

Give tomatoes an occasional snack rather than a staple food in the diet of your rabbits.  On the other hand, for bunnies diet, always use opt for ripe tomatoes and avoid feeding them unripe or green tomatoes, as they contain high level of Salonine and are more likely to cause the digestive issues.

To ensure that rabbit’s overall health and well being, it is critical to provide a varied diet that include a mix of fresh hay, leafy green and fresh vegetables. These should make up a majority of their daily intake, with treat like tomatoes only having a small portion. 


In conclusion, while tomatoes consist of many nutritional benefits, they can be approached with caution when it comes to feeding them to rabbits. Can rabbits eat tomatoes? The high amount of Solanine and high acidity content in tomatoes can potentially cause digestive issues and other health problems for rabbits.

Can rabbits eat tomatoes leaves? It’s important to note that tomato leaves can also pose a risk. Therefore, always introduce tomatoes gradually and in small amounts, closely monitoring your rabbit’s reaction. It’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian specializing in rabbit care for personalized advice on your rabbit’s dietary needs.

Remember that a healthy and balanced diet is key to keeping your bunnies happy and healthy.


Rabbits can eat tomatoes in a small amount and keep in view the rabbit’s reaction after feeding tomatoes.

Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae.

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C, and K, as well as minerals like Potassium.

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