Can Rabbits eat Swede? 6 Best Benefits

Can Rabbits Eat Swede

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Can rabbits eat swede? The answer is yes, rabbits can eat small quantities of swede as an occasional treat. This vegetable is completely nontoxic for rabbits, so, if your furry friend had swallowed a generous helping, there is no need to rush them to the animal hospital.

It is unlikely that indulging in a swede binge would poison your bunny. Even so, swedes and other root vegetables are not suitable staples for rabbits due to their high sugar content. Whereas most rabbits can eat leafy greens on a daily basis, they should only eat small amounts of swede a couple times a week. Use swede as a treat for your rabbit after they have eaten their main meals.

Nutritional Content of Swede

Per 50g Swede, contain the following amount of nutrition 

Water44.7 g
Energy19 Calories
Protein0.54 g
Carbohydrates4.31 g
of which sugars2.23 g
Fiber1.15 g
Fat0.08 g
Calcium43 mg
Phosphorous26.5 mg
Magnesium10 mg
Potassium150 mg
Vitamin C12.5 mg

Source: USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

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Benefits of Swede for Rabbits

Swede, also known as rutabaga, can offer several benefits for rabbits when included in their diet in moderation:

  1. Nutrient Rich: Swede is a good source of essential nutrients such as vitamins (like vitamin C), minerals, and dietary fiber, which can contribute to overall rabbit health.
  2. Digestive Health: The fiber content in swede can promote healthy digestion and support the rabbit’s gastrointestinal system.
  3. Variety: Introducing swede as part of a diverse diet can provide rabbits with a range of nutrients and flavors, helping to prevent dietary monotony.
  4. Hydration: Swede has a high water content, which can contribute to hydration, especially when served alongside water-rich vegetables.
  5. Chewing Exercise: Chewing on swede can help rabbits maintain healthy dental hygiene by naturally wearing down their teeth.
  6. Low Calories: Swede is relatively low in calories, making it a suitable addition for rabbits to prevent weight gain.

However, it’s important to remember that is Swede for Rabbits, like any new food, should be introduced gradually into the rabbit’s diet and given in moderation. Additionally, not all rabbits may take to swede, so it’s essential to monitor their response and consult with a veterinarian specializing in rabbit care for personalized guidance.

Can Rabbits eat Swede

Can Rabbits Eat Swede Skin?

Humans are free to eat swede skin when the swede is fresh. It is the same for rabbits. Due to the sensitivity of the rabbit’s digestive system, whenever you need to serve fruits or vegetables, it is essential to serve them fresh. Hence when the swedes are fresh, yes, rabbits can eat swede skin.

Interestingly, rabbits can eat every part of swedes. From the root to the leaves, to the skin and the vegetables. It is not harmful to rabbits and they can eat it well. But not every rabbit eats them.

Can Rabbits eat Swede

That’s no problem though, swedes are only meant to be treats and not the main diet. Whether your rabbits eat them or not does not cause any problems. You shouldn’t fret when they don’t accept it. You shouldn’t cower when they eat it either. Just watch.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Swede?

Have you heard that when you need to introduce something new to your rabbit, it has to be in bits? You haven’t? Good, because now you know. As much as it is good for you to feed your rabbits something different once in a while, you shouldn’t rush it into them as well. 

Remember the story of the one-year-old I told earlier, I couldn’t rush ice cream down her throat because it would have been wrong and it could have caused her harm. 

Can Rabbits eat Swede

Although baby rabbits can’t eat swedes because their system isn’t well developed, as they grow big enough to finally take them, it is essential to introduce it slowly. Baby rabbits shouldn’t be fed swedes because they still need the regular hay and grass for growth. For swede roots and peels, give them only a little about a teaspoon once in a while.

Can Rabbits Eat Raw Swede?

Fresh foods are the best for rabbits, not cooked or processed foods. It all comes down to their digestive system. When buying or pulling swedes for rabbits’ consumption, it is essential to check that the source is free from insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides.

It can cause harm when the rabbits ingest swede that comes from a source with this much content especially since they have to consume it while it is fresh. Raw swedes are perfectly fine and the right choice when you need to feed your rabbits. However, it has to be from the right source and in the right amount. The conflict now is, what the right amount to feed your rabbits is.


Swede is considered a suitable treat for rabbits, containing essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. However, its high sugar content makes it unsuitable as a staple food. It’s recommended to offer swede in small amounts a few times a week, supplementing the rabbit’s primary diet.

The various parts of swede, including the leaves, skin, and peel, can be consumed by rabbits. Ensuring these components are washed and free from contaminants is crucial. Swede provides benefits such as aiding digestion, offering variety, promoting dental health, and supplying hydration due to its water content.

When it comes to introducing swede to baby rabbits, a gradual approach is advised, given their developing digestive systems. Raw swede is recommended over cooked or processed options, provided it’s sourced from a pesticide-free environment and offered in appropriate quantities.

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Yes, rabbits can eat swede leaves, but they should be given in moderation. Ensure they are washed and free from pesticides.

Yes, rabbits can eat swede skin, but it’s recommended to peel or scrub it to remove any dirt or residues.

Yes, rabbits can eat swede peel, provided it’s clean and free from pesticides. Peeling or scrubbing is advisable.

Yes, rabbits can eat both swede and parsnips in moderation. Introduce new foods gradually to avoid digestive upset.

Yes, pet rabbits can eat swede, but it should be a part of a balanced diet alongside other fresh vegetables, hay, and pellets. Offer in moderation and consult a veterinarian for dietary advice.

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