Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn ? 5 Nutritional Facts of Popcorn

can rabbits eat popcorn

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Popcorn is a food that is solely good for humans, and it is not really very good for us to eat, despite being incredibly yummy, rich in fiber, and high in iron. You will get the answer of can rabbits eat popcorn?

Let’s examine the dietary content of popcorn. Popcorn has a lot of calories, especially the buttered version, which can make your rabbit gain weight. While butter may make plain popcorn seem low in fat, this is not the case once the butter has been added. It has a fair amount of carbs, at least in the eyes of a rabbit.

The harmful oils used to make movie theater popcorn might seriously irritate your rabbit’s sensitive digestive system. Many pet lover asked about can rabbits eat popcorn? The short answer of this question is No.

Can Rabbits Eat Popped Popcorn?

If offered some enticing treats, a rabbit will consume pop corn. Popcorn should not, however, be given to a rabbit. Owners should prevent their rabbits from eating any, even accidentally.

In any form, popcorn is hazardous to rabbits. It makes no difference whether it is seasoned, unseasoned, or popped. For rabbits, fresh corn, whether cooked or raw poses the same threat.

Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn Kernels?

For rabbits and other animals with sensitive gastrointestinal systems, popcorn kernels are cruel. These tough and pointed tip kernels could potentially strangle the rabbit if they get lodged in its throat. The hard outer covering of the kernel’s shell caused teeth injury in addition to the choking threat.

rabbits eat popcorn kernels
Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn

Additionally, eating puffed kernels makes rabbits develop “bezoar” (intestinal lumps). While some bezoars can be surgically removed, others can be treated with medication. Popcorn kernels with salt or flavoring enhance the risk of dehydration.

Therefore, strictly avoid bunny rabbits. Baby bunnies shouldn’t be fed kernels that cause them a lot of discomfort. That’s why, people asked about can rabbits eat popcorn.

Can Bunnies Eat Popcorn?

All varieties of popcorn are suitable for human consumption but poisonous to bunnies. Caramel popcorn is suitable for humans, but not for bunnies. Their rough exteriors prevent them from breaking down grains.

It is better to avoid giving bunnies any popcorn with salt or flavor. In the end, eating caramel popcorn has disadvantages compared to consuming hay and pellets. They also cause obesity and weight growth in bunnies.

Do not Give Popcorn to Rabbits:

Can rabbits eat popcorn? The simple answer of this question is No. A lot of sugars, salt, and tastes like caramel and chocolate are added to popcorn. These seasonings are all intended for humans and not for rabbits. Additionally, the rabbit can suffocate if a piece of popcorn gets lodged in its neck.

Although bunnies and elderly rabbits may have weak chewing abilities or thin throats, properly crushed popcorn is less likely to cause such an accident.

Thus, prevent your bunny from eating your popcorn. Keep whatever you don’t want your rabbit to consume, not only popcorn, out of their reach, it’s strongly advised.

Can Rabbits have Popcorn?

Despite the fact that rabbits can swallow and chew popcorn, they shouldn’t consume it. The outer layer of popcorn, or “hull,” is made up of a complex polysaccharide that most animals find extremely challenging to digest. Rabbits are unable to absorb this substance at all.

While a single popcorn hull might pass through your rabbit’s digestive track without any problems, if they eat more than a modest amount of popcorn, they run the risk of developing an intestinal obstruction. The risk isn’t worth it at all!

can bunnies eat popcorn

Is Popcorn Good for Rabbits?

Actually, no! The majority of a rabbit’s food in the wild is made up of long-stemmed grasses. These grasses’ fiber content helps the rabbit’s digestive system stay active.

Although popcorn may be healthy for you, it does not meet the nutritional needs of your bunny rabbit. Your rabbit can not effectively digest starch and sugar, which make up the majority of the calories in popcorn.

One other justification for not recommending popcorn to rabbits is as follows: The condition known as G.I. stasis and intestinal blockage brought on by eating too much popcorn can be fatal to your rabbit.

Do Rabbits like a Popcorn?

Can rabbits eat popcorn? Or do rabbits like popcorn? The answer is Yes. Indeed, and that has caused a lot of uncertainty. Rabbits enjoy a variety of unhealthy foods, thus it is our responsibility as pet owners to prevent them from consuming these items.

Why is Popcorn Bad for Rabbits?

Grass hay makes up 80% of the diets that rabbits have to follow. The digestive systems of rabbits have developed to manage a variety of different meals. Some herbs and vegetables can also be included in this list of foods. Raw corn, sometimes known as corn on the cob, is considered a vegetable.

This is so because a grain is a maize kernel. Grains shouldn’t be offered to rabbits since their weak digestive acids can’t break down the thick exteriors. Even the stomach and intestines may suffer harm from the spiky shells of the kernels.

Some people believe that grains not only assist rabbits digest them but also accelerate their growth. A research published in the Journal of Animal Science refutes this assertion.

Additionally, a lot of trustworthy information sites expressly advise against giving maize and popcorn to rabbits. For the following reasons, rabbits should not consume maize, popcorn, or corn kernels.

Gastrointestinal Stasis:

Gastrointestinal stasis is frequent in domestic rabbits, according to vet record. This condition occurs when food material stops passing through the gastrointestinal tract or moves through it slowly.

Usually, a shift in the delicate gut flora that lives in the rabbit’s digestive tract causes it rather than an obstruction. When food matter stagnates and decomposes in the stomach, an obstruction might also be the cause of this.


Bloating is one sign of gastrointestinal stasis. Rabbits are unable to burp or even throw up. Gasses therefore accumulate when something is obstructing the digestive path.
These gases include:
Those that naturally result from digestion and fermentation.
Colonies of harmful bacteria that have gotten out of control and are releasing too much gas.

No nutritional Value:

Popcorn does not provide any nutritional advantages to rabbits. Corn does contain some fiber, but not nearly enough to benefit a rabbit. Even if there were, the digestive system of a rabbit would not be able to absorb the fiber.

Additionally, popcorn has a fair amount of carbs. A rabbit requires a lot fewer calories per day than an adult human. Can rabbits eat popcorn frequently, it will put on weight. Obesity, which has numerous negative effects on its own, joint problems, and cardiac problems might result from this.

Nutritional Facts of Popcorn:

Popcorn lacks any specific nutritional value in it. However, they are rich and excellent source of fibre. Some nutritional facts of 1oz (24,8g) popcorn are figure out here.

  • Calories 104
  • Dietary fibre 3.6 g
  • Carbohydrate 21 g
  • Protein 3.1 g
  • Fats 1.2 g


The only vegetable that has ever popped up to create popcorn is corn. Depending on the parameters of cooking, seasoning, and flavors, there are various sorts of popcorn. So that can rabbits eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a favorite snack of rabbits, but it is not healthy for them. Popcorn poses fewer threats to human health than it does to animals. The risk of choking is the most frequent explanation for this.

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No. Rabbits can eat popcorn but it is better to avoid feeding popcorn because it has no specific nutritional value.

Bunnies can eat popcorn in all form, but it is better to avoid serving them this snack. These are consider harmful and dangerous for your bunny’s health.

Yes, rabbits like popcorn in forms. But as a pet lovers, our responsibility is that we should avoid to feed them such type of food.

In any form, popcorn is hazardous to rabbits. It makes no difference whether it is seasoned, unseasoned, or popped.

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