Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro? Feeding Guide 2023

can rabbits eat cilantro

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Can rabbits eat cilantro? Yes, if you are looking for a good herbal plant for your rabbit, cilantro is one of the best herbs. In United State and many other countries, cilantro is used for cooking and used for medical purposes. Like other mints, basil, dill, and rosemary herbs plants, cilantro is a good herb plant with a spicy flavor.

Avoid trying to feed them too much cilantro. The key components of a rabbit’s diet are fresh water and high-quality hay. Rabbits require a healthy diet that is high in fiber and low in fat and sugar. A rabbit’s diet can contain a small amount of cilantro without risk. Cilantro is rich in nutrients and beneficial for rabbit health.

More needs to be said about cilantro. These plants have both beneficial and harmful components for rabbits in cilantro. Before breeding your rabbits, you should read this article to learn everything there is to know about cilantro.

Can Bunnies Eat Cilantro?

Feeding cilantro to your bunnies is depending on the size and diet of the bunny. Some bunnies love to eat cilantro daily but cilantro is not suitable for them on a regular diet. Cilantro cannot be eaten by bunnies in large amounts as a regular treat because it contains thiophene which is a toxic compound that causes liver damage in rabbits.

Bunnies can eat cilantro if they are given the right amount of it. However, they should not be fed with too much of it because they might have diarrhea.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro

Cilantro Nutrition Stats

If you like cilantro, you’ll be happy to know that you can nibble as much as you like.
Approximately what a quarter cup of cilantro provides

  • 1 calorie fat-free
  • Carbohydrates: 1 g
  • 1 g of fibre

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Calorie Information for Cilantro

Despite having few calories, cilantro is a strong source of antioxidants and, interestingly, has been researched for its potential to aid in the removal of toxins from the body.
Consuming 1/4 cup of cilantro provides:

  • 1 mg vitamin C
  • 270 iu vitamin A
  • 8 mg potassium
  • 4 mg iron
  • 4 mcg folate
  • 1 mg vitamin E
  • 4 mcg vitamin K

Is Cilantro Good For Rabbits?

If your rabbit feels a little bloated after eating cabbage, broccoli, or another cruciferous vegetable that can induce gas, cilantro can help them recover from a mild case of indigestion. The nutrients in cilantro are beneficial for the health of your rabbit as well.

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How Much Cilantro Should I Give to My Rabbit?

Good news for rabbits who like flavorful treats: cilantro is tasty to chew on its own or when combined with greens.
How much cilantro should you give your rabbit?

Baby rabbitNone
Adult Rabbit1 handful of cilantro

Even though cilantro is beneficial to rabbits, you should give them it gradually rather than all at once. Give your rabbit about half the amount advised and keep an eye out for diarrhea symptoms during the following 24 hours.
The following day, if all goes well, you can give your bunny rabbit the whole meal of cilantro.

Health Benefits of Cilantro for Rabbits

As a rabbit food, There are many benefits of cilantro for rabbits. Fresh cilantro is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin B6, folate, vitamin E, iron manganese and potassium.

Cilantro, a popular herb, has many health benefits of cilantro for rabbits. This herb can improve digestion, increase appetite and boost the immune system.

There are many health benefits of cilantro for rabbits such as:

  • Cilantro helps with digestion
  • Cilantro can help with weight loss
  • Cilantro prevents cancer

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Every Day?

Cilantro is not the type of food that should be given to rabbits every day. Owners can only feed grass, pallets, and hay on a daily basis for 24 hours beside these foods no other food should be given to rabbits every day.It is also important to feed them vegetables and fruits for better rabbits’ health but not on regular basis.

According to some experts, Rabbits are herbivores, so they might be more interested in eating green leaves than carrots or hay and are safe for rabbits. Some animal owners have found that giving their rabbit cilantro every day has been helpful in preventing digestive tract issues.

Can bunnies eat cilantro?

In addition, they have also found that the rabbit’s fur has become more glossy and soft after being fed cilantro regularly in the rabbits’ diet.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Stems?

Cilantro stems are a favorite among rabbits as they can be eaten in addition to the leaves in small amounts. Rabbits like cilantro stems so much that they will eat them even if you provide them with cilantro leaves.

However, it is not recommended to feed rabbits more cilantro leaves because they can cause digestive issues. Rabbits will eat the stems of cilantro. It is important to avoid giving too much herb as it can cause digestive issues. Cilantro leaves are rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and other nutrients that rabbits require.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Flowers?

Rabbits are able to consume cilantro flowers. However, they must be careful as too much can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps. Cilantro flower contains a chemical known as theophany, which is toxic for rabbits and herbivores.

Rabbits can eat cilantro flowers but they should be given in moderation. They should also be given with caution because they could cause rabbit digestive issues for the rabbit.

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Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro Roots?

Cilantro roots are eatable for rabbits and other small animals. Rabbits can eat cilantro roots, but it’s not recommended. However, there are some precautions that should be taken for the rabbit to remain safe and healthy.

Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro and Parsley?

Rabbits can indeed eat parsley and cilantro. Rabbits can eat parsley and cilantro, which are both healthy and safe herbs. These herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that is good for rabbits’ digestive health.

To ensure your rabbit tolerates new foods, such as cilantro and parsley well, it’s important to introduce them gradually. Start with a small portion and watch their reaction. You can add parsley and cilantro to your rabbit’s food as a treat if there are no signs that they will be upset by it.

Fresh hay is the main component of a rabbit’s diet. It should also include variety fresh vegetables, and a limited amount of pellets. To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, give treats like parsley and cilantro in moderation.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

Yes, baby rabbits are safe to eat cilantro. Cilantro can be eaten by rabbits of any age, even babies. It is a good source of nutrients that can make a healthy addition for their diet. It’s important to introduce any new food to rabbits in small amounts and to monitor their reaction to make sure they tolerate it.

To avoid upset stomachs, it is best to introduce new foods to your baby rabbits slowly. In addition to cilantro, ensure that your rabbits have access to their mother’s milk or a formula milk substitute until they are ready to transition from liquid food to solids.

You can ensure that your rabbits have a balanced diet by increasing their consumption of vegetables and herbs, like cilantro. Consult a rabbit-friendly veterinarian if you have concerns about the diet or health of your rabbit.

Can Domestic Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

Yes, rabbits in the home can eat cilantro. Cilantro can be added to rabbits’ diets as it is non-toxic and safe. It is a healthy herb that contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, calcium and vitamin C.

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Can rabbits consume cilantro? Yes, cilantro is a healthy and safe herb that rabbits can eat. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and has many health benefits including better digestion and an increased appetite. However, it should be given in moderation and not as a daily food source. Introducing new foods like cilantro should be done gradually, and any adverse reactions should be monitored. Fresh hay, water, and high-quality pellets should remain the primary components of a rabbit’s diet.


Rabbits should not eat cilantro every day. While it can be a beneficial treat, it should be given in limited quantities and not as a regular diet.

Yes, rabbits can eat cilantro stems in small amounts. However, excessive consumption should be avoided to prevent digestive issues.

Rabbits can eat cilantro flowers, but they should be given in moderation due to the presence of a chemical called theophylline, which can be toxic in large amounts.

Cilantro roots are edible for rabbits, but it’s not recommended to feed them in large quantities. Caution should be exercised to ensure the rabbit remains safe and healthy.

Yes, baby rabbits can eat cilantro, but it should be introduced gradually and in small amounts to avoid upsetting their delicate digestive systems.

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