Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? Benefits of Cabbage Suggested by Vets 2023

can rabbits eat cabbage

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Most rabbits love their vegetables and it is just so easy to give them a piece of whatever human food you are snacking on too. However, some vegetables are safe for human health but can be harmful for your pet or bunnies. The most common vegetable is cabbage, is often a question that can rabbits eat cabbage?

The answer is obviously yes. Many of the rabbits love its crunchy texture. Cabbage is a common type of vegetable. It is a leafy type green and most popular in the rabbits diet and also part of salad and other meals.

This is available in many types such as purple, red, rapa and savoy green vegetables. Can rabbits eat cabbage plants? Yes, The cabbage plant looks like a cauliflower and broccoli in physical appearance. Due to this rabbits can eat cabbage due to its green leafy and crunchy texture.

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? Top Rabbits Feeding Facts

In this article, we will discuss about whether rabbits can eat cabbage? The benefits of cabbage leaves or can bunny eat cabbage, types of cabbages and can cabbage is good for rabbit health. Though some rabbits enjoy the texture and taste of cabbage, so all the bunnies can eat cabbage.

Can Rabbits eat Cabbage

What is Cabbage:

Cabbage is a large leafy green vegetable and it is most common part of human diet and also used in daily food. Cabbage plant looks similar as broccoli and cauliflower. It is found in various type of varieties like as red, purple, savoy and green cabbage. It belongs to the brassica family. Cabbage is most common vegetable like tomatoes and cucumber.

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage Leaves?

Yes, the rabbits eat cabbage leaves due to its green color and flavor. Can rabbits eat Chinese cabbage? Yes, Chinese cabbage is also a type of cabbage which is known as Brassica Napa.

Cabbage Nutritional Value:

Just like other vegetables, cabbage has its own nutritional value, as well as something weary of other vegetables. The nutritional value is more in sweetheart cabbage. We want to know if rabbits can eat sweetheart cabbage? Yes, rabbits can eat sweetheart cabbage due to its nutritional value.


Cabbage consists of vitamin C, B and K. Vitamin C plays an important role in keeping your bunnies happy and healthy and making their immune system very strong.


Antioxidants prevent certain diseases and cancer. Cabbage contains antioxidants that are responsible for preventing cell damage that harmful free radicals can cause. Rabbits can live healthy and happy if they eat a balanced diet on a regular basis.


Cabbage consists of all types of essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus which are required for all healthy body functions.

Water Content:

Cabbage contains a high amount of  water content that is helpful to prevent hydration in your bunnies. But too much water may also be troublesome.


Cabbage consists of  fiber. This fiber is helpful to decrease the chances of constipation and improves gut motility.

Can Bunny Eat Cabbage?

Is cabbage good for rabbits? Yes, rabbits can eat cabbage. Some rabbits love its leafy green structure. However, the vegetables which belong to Brassica family, are high in sulfurous compounds that can bother the rabbit’s health and digestive system, and give them diarrhea or gas. 

Because bunnies have no effective system to pass the gas in large amounts and can prove harmful or even fatal.

The use of cabbage in the proper way provides abundant nutrients to your rabbit’s diet. So, the cabbage is also safe for rabbit’s health if offered in a proper time and quantity.

The question is, can rabbits eat cabbage everyday? The answer is obviously yes, but if you introduce cabbage for the first time in their diet, provide them slowly.

can bunny eat cabbage

Health Benefits of Cabbage suggested by Vets

By feeding cabbage to rabbits, high vitamins and minerals may help to make them an attractive option as rabbits snack. Cabbage is not poisonous for rabbits. But we can not feed cabbage to rabbits everyday.

Keep it as an occasional feed when you see that your rabbits are fond of its color and flavor. Through the benefits of cabbage, rabbits live attractive and healthy lives.

How to Feed Cabbage to Your Bunnies?

Can rabbits eat raw cabbage? Yes, You can offer any type of cabbage to your bunny. No matter the choice of color to feed the cabbage to rabbits. But one thing is important that It should be offered in raw form, not in a cooked form, because in cooked form, it may cause serious problems in their digestive system.

How Much Cabbage Can You Feed to Your Rabbit?

If you have not started to feed cabbage to your rabbits, start it slowly. Feeding one leaf at a time, and not on consecutive days. Many rabbits show different reactions when feeding on cabbage and showing in tell tale signs of indigestion right away.

If your rabbits look unhappy or sluggish, stop feeding cabbage to them altogether. As we asked someone, can cabbage kill rabbits? Yes, we can say that if we feed cabbage in cooked form, or provide in high amounts, it may kill the rabbits by producing discomfort in stomach or gas.

Can a Baby Bunny Eat Cabbage?

As compared with the adults, baby bunnies are more sensitive and have a weak  gastrointestinal system. Avoid feeding baby bunnies any type of vegetables and fruits until they reach out 12 weeks ago to allow their stomach to mature with them.

When they  are ready to introduce juicy vegetables, feed them slowly, and wait for 24 hours to observe any type of any potential adverse side effect or discomfort. Remember that, baby bunnies have a more sensitive digestive system and offer them slowly when you introduce cabbage for the first time.

Medical and Health Concern on Feeding Cabbage to Rabbits:

There are some medical and health issues when rabbits eat cabbage.


To keep it sure that, cabbage is free from any pesticide or chemical that is harmful for rabbits. 


There is a need to checked the cabbage free from parasites that can lead to potential parasites problems with your rabbits. 

Over Ripened Cabbage:

Avoid rotten or over ripened fruits and vegetables that can diarrhea and some some other stomach disorders. 

Baby Bunnies:

Baby bunnies have more sensitive digestive system as compared to adults. So, when you introducing cabbage in rabbit’s diet, start slowly. Feed one leaf at a time to your bunnies and wait for 24 hours to observe the potential adverse side effects. 


Can rabbits eat cabbage? The answer is Yes. Some rabbits also love its crunchy texture and flavor. Rabbits can have ripe and clean cabbage in moderation. Always offered in raw form not in a cooked form cabbage.  When you introducing first time, start slowly, and offered a leaf to your rabbit. 

The high amount of cabbage can cause a multitude of health problems to your bunnies. Do not feed to an immature rabbits with underlying health conditions. If you observe any type of potential adverse side effects, contact with your local veterinarian.


If you introduce cabbage in a rabbit’s diet, you should feed one leaf to your rabbits if they love its flavor and color.

You can feed cabbage to your rabbits in a raw form. Rabbits like cabbage in raw form, not in cooked form. The cooked cabbage may cause some stomach problems and other gastrointestinal issues.

Cabbage contains Vitamin C, B and K. These all are essential for making strong immune system.

Cabbage consists of all types of essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus which are required for all healthy body functions.

Yes, bunnies can eat cabbage, if introduced in your bunny’s diet first time, start slowly. Provide a leaf to one baby rabbit at a time.

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